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The Onconephrotoxins Library Collaboration ("OLIC") offers updated, objective, and conveniently accessible information on the clinical patterns of kidney injury caused by chemo/targeted therapies, as well as a miscellaneous drugs commonly given to patients with cancer. The OLIC website is intended to serve as a resource for medical professionals, patients with cancer, clinical educators, and researchers with an interest in onconephrology. ​

The data offered in the OLIC database is extracted from publicly available academic databases and represents the authors' professional competence. Such data does not reflect any specific institutions, organizations, or academic hubs. The material in OLIC is not intended to replace professional medical judgment or FDA-approved product labeling. The accuracy, comprehensiveness, or usefulness of the information on this site is an ongoing effort and is NOT guaranteed by the OLIC taskforce.


If you have medical questions, please see a doctor for assistance as OLIC does not offer any medical advice.

Your use of the site/app given the above terms inherently means that you accept and agree to these conditions.

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